Magazine Cover

For the final- giant- huge points worth project for Photoshop CS5, the students had to design their own magazine cover.

We discussed the defined 8 parts of a magazine cover and looked at some magazines together to identify the parts. Here are the activity sheets we did together in class.

Ingredients to Magazine Covers

Magazine Cover Research

After we looked at the ingredients to MC, they had to create a rough draft using construction paper and this worksheet:

Designing Your Cover blank

The final result of their rough draft was this:





with their Designing Your Cover Sheet:

They then took their rough draft and created their cover in Photoshop CS5. I was pleased with a lot of them. These are just a few, I think they look pretty professional, don’t  you?





There were several others that were fantastic, but for space sake, I will leave you with just those few 🙂

Our class loves comments! Tell us what you think- good or bad- we love constructive criticism….sometimes.


4 thoughts on “Magazine Cover

  1. I toke a lot of time to make these but so far i think that it was one of my favorite projects that we have ever done with photoshop. can’t wait to work on photography and our websites. (:

    • Kristen, I’m so very glad you’ve enjoyed working in Photoshop. It is definitely my favorite unit to teach. And I’m super excited that you are excited for what’s to come 🙂

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