iMovie Commercials

The first project we did with iMovie was to create a 30 sec to 1 minute commercial for their clients.

Here are a few of the commercials my students created using iMovie.

Doggy Decadents – an Eagle River doggy treat producer (This one was my favorite)

Eagle River Bowl- local bowling alley (This one made me laugh the most)

Jitters- Eagle River Coffee House ( I thought this one was pretty creative)

Eagle River Tattoo- local tattoo parlor (I thought the flow of this one was pretty well thought out)

It was our first time using iMovie in class. Overall, I was pretty happy with the experience. We are starting our music videos this week and I am hoping for more effort. I have been pushing stop motion- I even offered extra credit for doing it. We shall see. I will post some when we finish them.