Magazine Cover

For the final- giant- huge points worth project for Photoshop CS5, the students had to design their own magazine cover.

We discussed the defined 8 parts of a magazine cover and looked at some magazines together to identify the parts. Here are the activity sheets we did together in class.

Ingredients to Magazine Covers

Magazine Cover Research

After we looked at the ingredients to MC, they had to create a rough draft using construction paper and this worksheet:

Designing Your Cover blank

The final result of their rough draft was this:





with their Designing Your Cover Sheet:

They then took their rough draft and created their cover in Photoshop CS5. I was pleased with a lot of them. These are just a few, I think they look pretty professional, don’t  you?





There were several others that were fantastic, but for space sake, I will leave you with just those few 🙂

Our class loves comments! Tell us what you think- good or bad- we love constructive criticism….sometimes.


Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook has changed recently (again), in case you haven’t noticed. Over 90% of my students currently have a Facebook. So for one of their final assignments in Photoshop CS5, I had them design their own Cover Photo.

The instruction sheet (Facebook Cover Photo Project)  gave them the dimensions and the requirements for the final photo. Some of the students really did some awesome work. It was a fun project, most of them seemed to enjoy it.

For your viewing pleasure, my favorite one:

This is actually 4 different pictures that Colby put together…It was during WACKO (Wild and Crazy Kid Olympics), which is why two of them are dressed as Superheros.

Logo Project

Our logo project consisted of two parts. A research section, where they had to look up three different logos and answer questions concerning the company, slogan, and design of the logo.

The second part was to create a logo for a company (imaginary or existing) using Photoshop CS5. I made this project a little more open. I let them decide how many and what tools to use. Some did the bare minimum, some really did an awesome job. Here are a few of those exceptional examples from students who really put forth the effort….as I tell my classes “Minimal effort = Minimal grade”.

I gave them an example:







Their projects:


























Here’s the instruction sheet with research portion: Logo Creation

Oxymoron PhotoShop CS5 Project

Our first project in Photoshop CS5 this semester was called Oxymoron Project. I sent the students to the website From there they had to choose an appropriate oxymoron for inspiration for a photoshop project using 2 or more photos. This project was used for practicing layers and the tools within Photoshop CS5.

Here is the instruction sheet and some student examples:

Oxymoron Layering Project Instruction Sheet

Student work:

Oxymoron: Dead Alive








Oxymoron: Bird Dog







Oxymoron: Icy Hot

Two-Faced Project

Our second Photoshop Project this semester was called Two-Faced. Here is the project instruction sheet for those who would like to use it in their classroom:Two Faced PS Project Instruction Sheet.

I had the students take a picture of themselves and using 12 different photoshop tools they had to alter their face. This project included tasks using multiple layers, filters, and transformation tools as well. I thought it would be a good way for the students to get more practice with using layers. Here are some of the final projects I received.

My Example:

Student Projects:

Ps: An Extra Credit Assignment

As a Business Education teacher, I think my classes are crucial for preparing students for their high school, college, and real world careers. But the fact of the matter is that I’m an elective course, so I have to really sell myself each semester to encourage students to take my courses. In an attempt to promote my class, I offered an extra credit assignment to my students. The project was to take a picture, edit it in photoshop, and create a flyer using that picture with certain facts about the class. I also asked them to put their name and their grade. Some of them have some spelling errors, but those that were correct were posted around the school.

Here’s what they came up with:

Ps: Tree Project

I actually got the idea online somewhere but now I can’t find the website (don’t worry, I’ll keep looking).  The idea was to take a picture and have the students alter it in photoshop and make it their own. For my first time teaching Photoshop I had the students take this photo to make it their own:

 Here are some of the projects they came up with:

Some things I will do different next time:

-Require a minimum use of 6 tools. Some of the photos were edited a bare minimum.

-We have cameras available, so next semester I plan on having the students taking their own pictures, uploading, and then modifying in Photoshop.